About Dr. Wheatgrass

About Dr. Wheatgrass

In 1995, Dr. Chris Reynolds, a general practitioner in Melbourne, Australia, discovered that an extract of wheatgrass had quite extraordinary healing powers in a number of medical conditions such as burns, wound healing, fractures and numerous skin conditions such as steroid-dependent eczema and molluscum contagiosum. He also noted many of his patients gained considerably more energy and stamina, and felt generally much better in themselves after drinking a diluted form of the extract. This is the same extract used in Dr Wheatgrass Supershots.

Over the ensuing years, Dr. Reynolds went on to discover many other medical uses for the extract and, via his website, conveyed many of his observations and discussed his ideas on how he thought wheatgrass achieves its success as a healing agent. He believes this has little to do with the nutritional value of wheatgrass. Instead, it is more likely due to the effects of the powerful Grass Juice Factor. This can have very positive effects on both the skin and the body’s immune status.

It was this concept that prompted Dr. Chris to establish our Company in February, 2002 to research and develop health-related wheatgrass-based products.

Because it was a totally different idea to anything ever considered before for wheatgrass, we knew the immunity concept was not going to be an easy one to get across to prospective clients. Even with a multi-million dollar advertising budget, (which we didn’t have) it would still have been difficult.

But we need not have worried. Slowly but surely, word of mouth found a way forward for us. The simple fact that our skin products – a wheatgrass cream and spray – were having such dramatic effects in a large percentage of our clients (see Success Stories) was sufficient to sell our products. Word spread, the idea caught on, and now, after only three years, our topical products and immune-boosting Dr Wheatgrass Supershots are selling worldwide.

The wheatgrass dream is well and truly alive!


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