WheatFIX® Burn Spray

WheatFIX® Burn Spray

WheatFix Burn Spray

The choice for pain relief & rapid healing of minor burns & sunburn (100ml)



WheatFIX® Burn Spray helps relieve pain and inflammation while promoting rapid healing of minor burns including sunburn. The spray can also be applied orally. In a clinical study of 30 patients at the Burns Unit of Choithram Private Hospital, Indore, India, WheatFIX® Burn Spray fully relieved pain within 24 hours of application, prevented infection and accelerated healing without scarring.

I used wheatfix burn spray on a bad burn that I obtained from steam from my kettle. This burn was located on the softpart of my lower arm, and it immediately turned red and swollen. I was in a lot of pain. I remembered my husband telling me about the burn spray, so I immediately sprayed the affected area. Within seconds the pain disappeared, I was so amazed!! The following morning I was once again amazed to find the burn had totally disappeared. I have told numerous people about this incident, and they also couldn’t believe how the burn had totally gone, without leaving a mark. I fully endorse this product, and have recommended it to my family and friends.

The choice for pain relief & rapid healing of minor burns & sunburn.

WheatFix Burn Spray was developed to satisfy the pressing need for an effective treatment for second degree (minor) burns. Particularly one that can quickly stop pain, be used orally, prevent infection and rapidly heal first and second degree burns without scarring.

All these demands have now been met by a safe, highly effective, pocket-sized spray.

Contains highly concentrated, bioactive wheatgrass sprout extract.


Directions:: Apply WheatFIX® Burn Spray to the affected areas (including oral application). Repeat every 4 hours as required.

Active Ingredients: 3% w/w Triticum aestivum fresh sprout juice. Contains citrus bioflavonoids.


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